Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Glassfish Configration

  1. Download glassfish from http://java.net/download/javaee5/v2ur2/promoted/WINNT/glassfish-installer-v2ur2-b04-windows.jar
  2. Put jar on C drive
  3. Run java -Xmx256m -jar glassfish-installer-v2ur2-b04-windows.jar from command line
  4. Run C:\glassfish>lib\ant\bin\ant -f setup.xml from command line
  5. Set JDK in asenv.bat if needed by your project. Default is Java 5
  6. Add jar file for database driver you are using to lib folder of server
  7. add your project jar in the outodeploy directory of your default domain
  8. Go to sever console on http://localhost:4848/login.jsf
  9. Create connection pool
  10. add com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerConnectionPoolDataSource as DataSource class name.
  11. Create JDBC resource
  12. Start server using command C:\glassfish\bin>asadmin.bat start-domain domain1
  13. Use stop-domain command for stopping server
  14. Run  http://localhost:8080/Your_Application in the browser
  15. See the server log file for any errors in the application deployment

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  1. That is really a helpul information to the ppl who's new to server installation.

    Thanks Dude.


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